Automative Protection

In less than ten years, we have positioned ourselves in France and internationally as a new brand of insurance and services in the automobile cover and services field.
We call this “La Garantie de l’Automobile” -“Automotive Protection’.
I would like to personally thank our customers, partners and reinsurers, who have all contributed to our success. The talents of our young team, in successfully implementing our strategy have also been instrumental.

We built CAAREA from the ground up.
We provide each of our customers and every manufacturer, insurer and assistance provider, bank-insurer and banker, with the same care and expertise.
What makes us stand out can be expressed in certain principles that enable us to take a unique approach to our business in response to:

  • Our customers’ desire to enhance their primary business by adding products that are innovative, profitable and personalised
  • The need to support and coordinate their distribution networks appropriately and to manage their own customers with a quality approach that fosters customer loyalty
  • The insurance market’s inherent need for certainty, as well as the profitability and performance specific to each competitive sector
  • The variety of markets, requiring familiarity and adaptation to local requirements and customs 

These principles guide our actions.

Technology and IT progress accelerate the environment and require new expertise that can constantly adapt to increasingly decompartmentalised markets. Thus a new chapter begins for CAAREA, with three avenues for expansion:

  • Placing our information and online management systems at the service of our customers to provide solutions designed to improve the claims handling process
  • Strengthening our sales development, in particular through local partnerships in all locations enabling us to provide sales solutions that are ahead of the competition
  • Increasing our offer of expertise-building services through ‘CAAREA Coaching’, whose field presence and tailored coaching helps our customers keep their networks in line with their strategy and promote their ‘own-brand’ products

New solutions to enable CAAREA to meet its objective: 100% of vehicles insured for each stage of their life cycle.

It is our innovations and our differences that already give shape to our future.


Bruno Labuzan
Chairman and CEO